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PhysInjector now works with Starling right out the box! Simply set the static variable PhysInjector.STARLING to true and that’s it!

Features at a glance

  • Works with Starling out the box!!
  • Extremely easy to implement
  • Nice set of plugins
  • Calculates position regardless of registration point
  • Great set of samples to get you started

What is PhysInjector?

PhysInjector is a collection of powerfull factory and wrapper classes developed to work specifically with Box2D and does not do any collision detection on its own, rather it significantly simplifies the use of Box2D within your Flash games and applications while providing an array of handy plugins and helper classes.

PhysInjector takes a totally different approach than other conventional physics libraries. Instead of you having to create a physics object and apply a display object as a skin, it actually uses display objects that have already been added to the stage and “injects” them with physics properties. You don’t have to worry about the display object’s position, scale or rotation! PhysInjector will handle that for you!

Come back frequently to check out the new plugins. I try to add something new to the library at least once a week and that takes a lot of time, so if you like what you see, show your appreciation by clicking on the donate button on the left. Thanks!

BulletTime Plugin Demo