Project Description

lobbyReycoGames is proud to announce the open beta release of! We had the opportunity to take our multi-player/user development experience from building games and applied it to our first official online video chat application. Streamup is a multi-user video chat platform where you can host your own room and have up to 12 users participating in video chat simultaneously! The rooms not only support 12 users on video at a time, but also an unlimited number of spectators! So if you’re a VJ, DJ or just want to have your own show, then Streamup is the platform for you! Now, if you rather have a more private room experience, then you can always password protect the room and you’re good to go; or even better, create a “Shadow” room!

The design is very sleek and clean which sets it apart from it’s competitors. With intuition as its core principle, you are able to feel right at home as soon as you log in. The driving force behind Streamup is “simplicity”. The platform aims to make it extremely simple for anyone to get a room up and running and I assure you that it will become your one stop platform for conferences, casual meets, hangouts and anything you can think of!

Try it now!