Okta's Rescue (web, ios, android)

Project Description

title screen“Oh, no! Okta and his friends need help. Help rescue them by transporting them to a safe ocean. How fast can you transport the Oktas? Use your counting skills to save as many as you can before the timer runs out.”

This games was built for the National Conference of Teachers of Mathematics for web and iOS/Android mobile devices. This interactive Flash game helps users/students practice counting, subitizing, and grouping by 10s, as they transport Okta the Octopus and his friends to a safe ocean. The goal is to select given numbers of Oktas as quickly as possible before the timer runs out. Then users count the total number of Oktas “saved” and identify that number on a number line. Students choose from three levels of difficulty, which vary according to time limit, range of target numbers, and whether visual target cues appear. These settings are customizable. Users who count incorrectly are given the option of visual help in recounting.

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