Facebook Game: FunnyBone (postmortem)


Facebook Game: FunnyBone (postmortem)

July 20, 2014

Funny What??

IN A NUTSHELL : This is a multi-player game-show/board game played with friends in real time. All players start with 250 bones (this is the in-game currency). You and your fiends each give 20 bones in order to start a round. The game will add an additional 20 bones and this becomes the final prize. You and your friends will then be presented with 10 questions. You will get the opportunity to vote for each of your friends answers to each of the questions. The funniest, wittiest answers will obviously get the best votes. At the end of the game, the prize is distributed to the top 3 scorers in the round based on the number of votes. You can accumulate bones by playing the game or by purchasing bones in the in-game store. With the bones you can play more games or purchase cooler pets/avatars.

FunnyBone is a multi-player quiz show style game where the players are all asked a question which they have to answer within a time limit. After the clock runs out, each player will get to anonymously vote on the other player’s response to the same question asked. The wittier your answer, the more votes it will get! At the end of a 10 question round, the points are tallied and the players are ranked and rewarded. bonecountWhen you first come to FunnyBone, you are given 250 bones and 2 free pets, a dog and a cat. The pets will represent you when playing the game and you can choose from a total of 12. The more you play and the funnier your answers are, the more votes you get and the more bones you win! You can then use the bones to buy even cooler pets from the in-game pet store. Alternatively, you can choose to buy from the 3 bone packs offered to increase your bone count. The number of bones you have will also determine your ranking in the leader board. Bone packs rang from 250 bones to 1,250 bones which is enough to buy several pets or one of the really cool pets!

The Technology

1. RCGDashboard

dashboardThe ReycoGames Dashboard is an exclusive, real-time marketing platform that powers engagement and incentivizes monetization. FunnyBone was the first major game to use the RCG Dashboard which helped us fine-tune it and add new modules for future clients. FunnyBone was built on top of the RCGDashboard as a back end system for data storage and analytics and also serves as a content management system. It powers all the in-game messages, game likes and game rating systems. Though the dashboard is platform agnostic, we built an AS3 library for handling all the communication.

2. SmartFoxServer 2X

SmartFoxServer2x is a comprehensive platform for rapidly developing multi-user applications and games. The learning curve was pretty acute and it took us practically no time to get both the game systems and the invitation systems in FunnyBone handled excellently by SFS2x.

3. FacebookForGamesAS3

timeline postThe Facebook For Games Library is an extension of the Facebook Actionscript API (packaged within the library as some changes needed to be made) which facilitates the process of authenticating and user log-in within your Facebook web games. It takes care of all the grunt work of logging in the user, if they are not logged in already, and then having the user authenticate your game ( all pretty much a single, swift process. ) The library also handles all the in-game purchases and the sharing of achievements to the player’s timeline. It also takes care of integrating the Facebook Score API. The Graph API for scores lets game developers publish game stories on news feed and timeline when a player earns a new high score or beats a friend’s score.


Final Thoughts

All in all , the development of this Facebook game was a great experience. It allowed us not only to perfect the gears behind the RCGDashboard but also to create a strong AS3 wrapper for it and add new features to our FacebookForGamesAS3 library as well. We have to give props to O’Lamar Gibson for the design and art direction. The client ended up being super happy with both the look and feel of the game and so did we.

Currently, FunnyBone is in closed beta and should launch in the first week of August but here are some screen shots. You can also follow the FunnyBone Facebook game page here to get updates on the release and contests which will be held later this year.